Friday, February 26, 2010

Mecha Godzilla!!!

The Godzilla franchise has been a child-hood favorite of mine, and AIWSMOYA perfectly re-created one of Big Green's greatest foes - Mecha Godzilla! AIWSMOYA's attention to detail is superb, everything from the chest cannon, to the silly rubber-suit hands are captured in perfect detail. It is a true master piece.

You can see this amazing MOC in construction here.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thricetep C-31

Spacie 11 posted this amazing, walking, monstrosity, the Thrictep C-31. Spacie posted a rocking video illustrating the walker's walking ability. Spacie said that he was inspired by [jaster]'s Steampunk Walker Mecha Tank.


Bolt of Blue recently posted this terrific Robo T-Rex. This amazing creation sports movable parts, utilizing gears, Bolt of Blue says this is his first attempt at such a construction, and that he could have, "could have chosen a more difficult shape!" He says it was inspired by This Commercial.

Thanks for the suggestion Lego Junkie!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Freedom Hardsuit

Freedom01's new Riot Class Hardsuit is fantastic. The angles, and color scheme really make this an amazing MOC. The posing, in this shot is truly fantastic also.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The NRG 00 Hardsuit

Milo~Z's newest hardsuit, the NRG 00, is truly amazing. The upper shell houses an entire minifig, and unfolds for easy removal, and the detailed legs are something to ogle over.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From Un-Sung, to Sung!

Our goal for this blog is to make the unknowns known, and I think we should do a little recap of where some of our blogged MOCers are currently;

Nieks was blogged twice by The Brothers Brick since we blogged him a while back. (You can see TBB's posts of Nieks here, and here)

Bart De Dobbelaer was also blogged twice by TBB (which can be seen here, and here) after we blogged him last month.

Darth Yoda's Omaha Beach scene was blogged by TBB almost immediately after we blogged him.

Marshal Banana received 9 additional comments on his beautiful Hoth Scene after we blogged him, and now has a well-deserved total of 48 Fav's on it.

Imagine Brickzone's Avatar Diorama was also blogged by TBB after we blogged him, and has since expanded the diorama into a bigger, and wilder scene.

So that just about recaps where all our blogged friends are of now, and all of us here look forward to seeing what new, and exciting things come from them in the future. We have thoroughly enjoyed heralding these heroes, and eagerly await the next wave of heroes, and cannot wait to see where they will arise from.

From all of us here at The Un-Sung Brick,
-Zander, Mac, and Crispin

Monday, February 1, 2010

Floor is Wet

I have been watching Bart De Dobbelaer churn out a whole series of great Atlantis themed vigs in the last few weeks. I felt I should just highlight some of my favorites.

He really must have bought a lot of Atlantis sets!