Monday, March 29, 2010

The Wiesel 2: Recon Tank

DaisyCh4in is new to Flickr, so for starts, welcome to the Lego community here on Flickr.

Now down to Business.

I clicked through to his photostream, and was amazed (to say the least) when I saw this amazing little tank, called the Wiesel 2. This beaut is chocked full of wonderful details, including an amazingly detailed interior, an opening rear door, and a foldable recon mast. (you can see the mast folded up on the far left in this photo) It also sports a wonderfully done camouflage paint job as the cherry on top of this amazing MOC.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rahkshi of Darkness

For starts, I've been a life long fan of Bionicles, and it nearly broke my heart when I heard that it was being canned, so the recent influx of Bionicle MOCs has assisted in the grieving process. So when I saw ~Ian's Rahkshi of Darkness, (following the color scheme of my all time favorite Bionicle, Makuta) I couldn't resist blogging it.

Asides from the brilliant subject matter, this is an amazing MOC, boasting a very close similarity to the original Rahkshi, this has several well done added details, such as articulated arms.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Military Quadruped

I have never seen ROBATRON3000 in the Lego community before, and was popping around the Lego pool when I saw this absolutely fantastic Walker. Whereas I usually try very hard to not Blog Works In Progresses, I couldn't help in this case. My only hope is that he beefs the legs up a bit, but otherwise, this is a great little walker.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

"The Fire's Still Hot!"

-infomaniac-'s fantastic scene has many wonderful details, from the posing of the figs, the icicles on the tree, and many other details, not to mention the ginormous mech.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ewok in Disguise's Supply Truck

I was looking in Ewok in Disguise's stream, and I saw this. The whole look of it is perfect. Stubby, poofy, and I love the look. The amount of techniques in this build is amazing. But that is not the best part! This has variants!That stubby little machine gun on the back is so (oooooooo) cute. I just cannot see this as a weapon of war, it reminds me of a child's toy. (Oh wait, it is)

This is it in its' standard configuration, I love the flair to the sides of the back. Excellent use of the U-clip there.

This will most likely be my last blog on here, I've been running into time constraints of late. Well, adios!