Friday, August 27, 2010

The Nomad

-Stacker- posted this neat armor using his Powerpants design. I definitely believe "NPU" is an appropriate term to use here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

KX6 Auriga

If I were microscale, this would be pretty high up on my list of things never to get in the way of. Yloquen cranked out this little war machine, and it is utterly terrific. The shaping of the front gives this a menacingly hunched posture, and the red accents give this a nice punch of visual flair.

KX6 Auriga, originally uploaded by Yloquen.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Styracosaurus003, originally uploaded by aurore&aube.

aurore&aube once again shows his ability to sculpt with this amazing model of a Styracosaurus (stih-RAK-uh-SAWR-us). I have always enjoyed how he is able to achieve a believable shape while still retaining pose-ability. I also like how he crafted the muscles using the smooth 2x2 round dishes on the head. Check out his stream for more similarly interesting models.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MK-101 Spacemule

MK-101 Spacemule, originally uploaded by Yloquen.

Now this is a nice spacecraft! The MK-101 Spacemule by Yloquen on Flickr has angles blow my mind, and I love the color patterning throughout. The small stickers add a lot of character to the MOC without overpowering the shape with needless details. I even like the two studs on the front prongs, a rare occurrence as I like MOCs to be smooth and stud-free. All in all, an excellent build, and I look forward to more!

Check out Yloquen's photostream for more sweet build!

Brickfair 2010: Fair Recap

Hey I am back with the last in USB's Brickfair 2010 posts. Unfortunately, there were so many excellent creations from new builders, I couldn't get them all! So, in parting, I will put down a few of favorites. But first here are some highlights from the fair.

- Nathan Shields, who we had spotlighted earlier for his floating rock house, won best SHIP with his Star of May.

- Karyn Traphagen's Modulex Green house got second in the miniature category.

- Ktorrek's model of the Normandy SR-1 from Mass Effect won best sci-fi creation.

- My Shinken Vic Viper won best small space craft. :)

- Some bridge thing, that has a bunch of tan cheese, came out.

Now here are a couple of would-have-been-blogged-if-had-more-time Favorites from the fair.

In closing here are some links to the many flickr photo galleries of the event (Originally compiled by Dan at Fascinating Lego Model of the Day). Including some video from Fox & CNN who also made it (camera work = major fail). Enjoy and be there next year!

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Monday, August 16, 2010


flailx posted this great rendition of the Star Wars Y-Wing. The simplicity of detail in the middle section, and the landing gear is quite impressive. And check out that cool turret above the cockpit!

Y-wing, originally uploaded by flailx.

The Claaaaaw!

Joel.Baker constructed this utterly amazing scene from the original Toy Story movie where Sid pulls Buzz and Woody out of the claw machine in that Pizza Planet arcade. Yeah, of course you know that scene. Well, he just made it out of Lego. BAM! Go check it out for yourself, it's amazing.

The Claw, originally uploaded by Joel.Baker.

Terran Marine

ABS doohickies created this insanely awesome rendition of the Terran Marine from Starcraft 2. The entire MOC is absolutely awe-inspiring, and the use of rubber bands is icing on the cake.

IMG_3237, originally uploaded by ABS doohickies.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Transformable Optimus Prime

ROTF Optimus Prime (Transformable !), originally uploaded by Noble Team.

This amazing truck by Noble Team on Flickr not only looks great, but can actually transform into Optimus Prime! How many people can say that about their lego cars! Both forms look awesome, and the transformation function makes this one of the best optimus models around.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Short Horn APC

Short Horn APC, originally uploaded by Malravion.

This APC by Malravion on Flickr is amazing in its detail and pleasing in its shape. The wheel technique looks great, as does the use of flexible axles to outline sections of the vehicle. It even has a detailed interior! I especially like the forward mounted turret and the two verticle black shapes built into the front. Altogether an amazing vehicle that I'm sure any military fan would love to have in their collection.

Be sure to check out Malravion's photostream for more awesome MOCs.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Corvette C2 Convertible

Ewok in Disguise has been busy and made this beautiful Miniland-scale Corvette C2.

Features include lots of details and a nifty windscreen.
Because that was not enough apparently (:S) he built an awesome decor to go with it.

Good job Ewok in Disguise!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Brickfair 2010: Day 2

Hello all, coming at ya with day two of Brickfair 2010. Fortunately/unfortunately your faithful fair correspondant was up too late at the running of the bulls to do a post this morning, but here it is. Lets skip the formality and cut to the business eh?

Find #5 Modulex Green House

Before the fair, I had never seen the fabled "Modulex" architechture bricks, but I must say I was taken aback by their miniscule size. Karyn Traphagen, beautifully utized them in this microsized plant house to create a scene with a unique feel. This model could be a possible winner for the "Best mega-micro

Find #6 Suncrest
Nathaniel Shields brought a large number of models to brickfair but out of all of them his Suncrest floating rock house stood out the most. Aside from the natural sense of "wow" one gets when you see a floating rock scene, nate's included some nifty details such as flying vehicles, an old cross, and birds nestled in greenery. Check out more pictures on his flickr stream.

Find #7 BZP Kopaka & Onua mosaic

Despite some initial difficulty, the BZPers came through with, not one but, two impressive mosaics. My favorite is the of the toa of ice as it truely does the art style of Carlos D'anda justice and perfectly recreates part of the iconic pose Toa Kopaka strikes in the very first comic.
Thanks for reading!

Brickfair 2010: Day 1

What up readers? Its cha boy Dablackcat here at Brickfair 2010!

As promised, here are pictures of some of the un-sung highlights of Brickfair. As we all know, what we see online is only a fraction of all the creations of the lego community. The other fraction ends up at conventions. Seeing as the goal of USB is to find these unknown builders, events like Brickfair naturally become the perfect place for scoping out new or unrecognized talent! So what did we (well just "I" I haven't found Tito yet....) find in day one?

Find #1: "Salt Water Aquarium"

First off is this impressive scene by the wife of Starbeanie. Underwater dioramas have always impressed me and the custom build fish and the rare technic scuba fig are nice features.

Find #2: "Normandy SR-1"

Of the few Normandy models I have seen, this has got to be the best. The technique used for the main body is amazing and feels very authentic. "Ktorrek", the creator, even made a M35 Mako tank to keep it company. Unless something bigger comes, this could be a possible winner for the SHIP or Sci-fi catagories. Check out more photos on his stream.

Find#3: "The Nautilus"

This impressive group of mircoscale ships, built by D. Sheffiler have great looking color scheme along with many turrets and missle tubes to boot. I especially like the usage of grilles on the sides of the battle ships in the front.

Find #4: D-Day Omaha Beach

Edward Dellarso's diorama of the storming of Omaha beach is quite action packed. Seriously, its amazing how many of those fire elements he was able to stuff in that room.

Well thats all for today! I now must embark on the slightly more difficult task of finding my fellow blogger among the masses. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Microscale to the Max!

Spaceships, originally uploaded by Ingraman.

These amazing Microscale ships by Ingraman on Flickr are simple exquisite. A perfect blend of smoothness with chunky, greebly parts, these could be life size and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I usually hate backgrounds that aren't solid colors, but the photography here really works with the models and brings out the minute details. Excellent work!

Check out his photostream for more sweet stuff and a couple of awesome hardsuits!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Tigmon74 built this astounding Mech in honor of his brother currently on duty in Afghanistan, and boy is this tribute awesome.
The layout of this Mech is reminiscent of one of my favorite games - Mech Assault - the cockpit being located in the chest, the hunched shoulders with missiles on top. It all comes together for one amazing MOC. Check out this shot to see it in action!

Mech, originally uploaded by Tigmon74.

GHL Hovercraft

.Jake's new snazzy hovercraft is amzing. The tubing bellow is excellent, but the Plating in front really takes the cake for me. See this photo for a shot of the crate inside the hovercraft.

GHL Hovercraft - 3/4 w/ container, originally uploaded by .Jake.

"This bed is too small!"

"This bed is too small!"
Originally uploaded by Jameson42
I love Toy Story 3. For me, it was a more than a movie, but like the last chapter to a great book. I loved the first and second movies, and the third one really hit home. This particular MOC by Jameson42, well the usage of the Lotso figure is very creative, and the techniques used on the bed are just downright awesome. Well done Jameson, well done indeed.


Red, White, and Blue

egatniv-44, originally uploaded by legodrome.

This stunning ship built by legodrome on flickr has one of the best and most unique shapes I've seen in a long time. The coloring is expertly done to match the printing on the wings (better seen here), and the effect looks awesome. The triple engines on each wing are also a nice touch. Be sure to check his photostream, 'cause he has some sweet stuff!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crab anyone?

Bio-builders ~Blue Diamond~ & ~Reality~ have turned out some amazing Bionicle Ussal Crabs for display at Brickfair 2010. The reason for building these cute crustaceans was a request from popular & talented Bionicle MOCist ToM for builders to bring enough of the little buggers to fill a table. I look forward to seeing these guys along with all the other crabs and Bionicle creations that will be on display for the public's enjoyment/surprise/puzzlement. Who knows? I might even take a gander at the system stuff too :P.