Friday, August 6, 2010

Brickfair 2010: Day 1

What up readers? Its cha boy Dablackcat here at Brickfair 2010!

As promised, here are pictures of some of the un-sung highlights of Brickfair. As we all know, what we see online is only a fraction of all the creations of the lego community. The other fraction ends up at conventions. Seeing as the goal of USB is to find these unknown builders, events like Brickfair naturally become the perfect place for scoping out new or unrecognized talent! So what did we (well just "I" I haven't found Tito yet....) find in day one?

Find #1: "Salt Water Aquarium"

First off is this impressive scene by the wife of Starbeanie. Underwater dioramas have always impressed me and the custom build fish and the rare technic scuba fig are nice features.

Find #2: "Normandy SR-1"

Of the few Normandy models I have seen, this has got to be the best. The technique used for the main body is amazing and feels very authentic. "Ktorrek", the creator, even made a M35 Mako tank to keep it company. Unless something bigger comes, this could be a possible winner for the SHIP or Sci-fi catagories. Check out more photos on his stream.

Find#3: "The Nautilus"

This impressive group of mircoscale ships, built by D. Sheffiler have great looking color scheme along with many turrets and missle tubes to boot. I especially like the usage of grilles on the sides of the battle ships in the front.

Find #4: D-Day Omaha Beach

Edward Dellarso's diorama of the storming of Omaha beach is quite action packed. Seriously, its amazing how many of those fire elements he was able to stuff in that room.

Well thats all for today! I now must embark on the slightly more difficult task of finding my fellow blogger among the masses. Enjoy!

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