Friday, August 6, 2010

Brickfair 2010: Day 2

Hello all, coming at ya with day two of Brickfair 2010. Fortunately/unfortunately your faithful fair correspondant was up too late at the running of the bulls to do a post this morning, but here it is. Lets skip the formality and cut to the business eh?

Find #5 Modulex Green House

Before the fair, I had never seen the fabled "Modulex" architechture bricks, but I must say I was taken aback by their miniscule size. Karyn Traphagen, beautifully utized them in this microsized plant house to create a scene with a unique feel. This model could be a possible winner for the "Best mega-micro

Find #6 Suncrest
Nathaniel Shields brought a large number of models to brickfair but out of all of them his Suncrest floating rock house stood out the most. Aside from the natural sense of "wow" one gets when you see a floating rock scene, nate's included some nifty details such as flying vehicles, an old cross, and birds nestled in greenery. Check out more pictures on his flickr stream.

Find #7 BZP Kopaka & Onua mosaic

Despite some initial difficulty, the BZPers came through with, not one but, two impressive mosaics. My favorite is the of the toa of ice as it truely does the art style of Carlos D'anda justice and perfectly recreates part of the iconic pose Toa Kopaka strikes in the very first comic.
Thanks for reading!

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