Sunday, January 31, 2010

Battle of Hoth

marshal banana built this amazing scene of the Rebel frontline on the ice planet Hoth, depicting a Snowspeeder T-47 zooming into action, and the Rebel infantry below. Marshal's attention to detail is a sight to behold. The terrain, and the base truly make the scene.

Marshal is relatively new to Flickr, and I expect to see more great things from him in the future.


NikC4 is back! And this is one of his latest things, a minifig scaled Gasmask!
Overall this is an impressive, awe inspiringly awesome custom creation!
I really dig this.
Fave this now!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Assault on Omaha!

Darth Yoda has had this wonderful scene of D-Day in the works since November. He perfectly captures the scene, and the violence that took place in gruesome detail. Everything from brains, to a soldier blown in half, a cowering soldier, and the red tide make this an amazingly detailed scene.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Drakkhen Hunters

izzolegostyle has had these amazing scenes of "Drakkhen" Hunters battling Sea Monsters, and Fire Breathing Drakkens since 2007. The amazing techniques used in such scenes are truly amazing, and I'm quite surprised how little attention they've received over the years...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hope's Ogre

I was flipping around ArzLan's photostream when I found a link to hopeso009's Ogre. I spent a good half hour ogling over the wonders that inhabit his photostream. He had everything from Centaurs, and Fire breathing Dragons, to a Blockfig General Grievous, and an Assassin Droid.

In short, hopeso009 is The Man.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Anyone remember 9?

That great movie that came out some months ago? By Tim Burton? Well browsing through flickr I stumbled upon "Ralph" the Wonder Llama's photostream. And what do ya know, he's built the first, at least to my knowledge, seamstress from 9. Personally, it was my favorite robot from the movie and I am glad to see that someone has been able to create such a great model of it! I hope to see more Lego from Ralph soon.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First MOC Ever!?!?

This is just crazy. Flickr user claims that this is their first Lego MOC ever. This little castle is chock full of detail, from a slight tilt, to a small floating rock. Marnicq is new on the Lego and Flickr scenes, and I think we should all give him a warm welcome!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Orange Flare

Titolian's newest vignette features a crew of Space Orc mechanics, who service a hot orange ship called "The Orange Flare," which actually fits a minifig. Asides from the beauty of the ship, what caught my eye was the wonderful scenery, especially the run-way.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Gorilla Mecha: Now With Opposable Thumbs!

Pasuruka76 has been cranking out Mircoscale star fleets, and Clone Trooper scenes of extreme hilarity. Now, he brings us the Gorilla Mech, which actually fits a monkey inside.

Post-war CCKW

Looking through my contact list, I spotted this red truck - which reminded me of the days when my dad had a M37, which had been converted into a firetruck.

Just looking at this brings up nostalgic memories, even though it is a completely different sort of truck.

Aaah... I gotta get my head out of the clouds.

This was created by ewok master!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Avatar Battle

After the movie Avatar came out there was a whole flood of Avatar based creations on flickr, but they were all either not well done, or built by a very well know builder. Then there is this battle scene by imagine's brickzone, who is a relatively unknown builder, and his Avatar is top notch and chock full of details. It certainly deserves this blogging.

Upcoming Atlantis Pics

Flickr member Pate-keetongu has gotten some rather great photos of some upcoming Lego Atlantis sets. Lego really has outdone themselves.....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Armored Titan A-Class

I was just browsing Flickr, and through a series of links I found hunabkru's photostream, and his latest Mecha is just amazing! And the surprising thing is that in four days, he's gotten 1 - 2 comments on it!

I'm really digging the shoulders, the gun is just pure hawtness. This creation is just... flawless. I'm personally not finding anything to gripe about.

He has a... "unique" building style, which is quite refreshing. Its very blocky, and reminiscent of... I'd say Transformers. (The Anime series, not the live-action one.)

I just dig that gun, and the overall quality of this creation!

The Bloop Bloop Fish

Just browsing around flickr when I came upon this great fish by retinence. It looks like it would fit in perfectly with the new Lego Atlantis line. I really love the whole mouth/front of face area. This fish is chok full of details!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Mecha

This mecha by KryptonHeidt is by far the greatest mecha that I have seen in a long time. It is just so creative, not much more to say.


As I looked through the lego group on flick trying to find something blog worthy, I came upon this great vignette by tsukumogami. It is their first upload to flickr, and I just love it! Not much more to say, but I do hope to see more great creations from this new builder!

Oh and be sure to check out the set, full of great artsy shots from different angles of the same thing!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Old School

Many of us remember the old lego space sets, from M-tron to Blacktron to the original Space Police, but it is rare to find a builder who still builds in that old style these days, yet alone one who does it as well as Crimso Giger. He has done it again with his All-Terrain Vehicle.  He just has such a unique style.

Now cm946 has really done it! Steampunk, but in space! cm946 can now claim to be one of the few who has done something for the first time ever. Oh and did I mention it is a microscale steampunk space cruiser? Everything about is just perfect. Well done cm946!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Retro-Force Grand Titan 7701

After a late dinner, and a lengthy debate with my older brother I decided to relax and hop on Flickr. The first thing I saw in my "Your Contacts" is this beautiful lil' guy, like come on he has big teeth and a big head. Created by Shannon Ocean!

The antenna thingy-ma-jig is just genius, and the blockiness fits the 1950's perfectly! The arms are kind of meh, but the legs make up for it! Overall an impressive build, as usual.

Arcadian Gunship

Browsing through the Lego group pool on flickr, I found this great diesel pulp creation by jonhall18. The curves and seamless integration made me think that this was not even lego from the small thumbnail. This plane brings back great memories from a game I am sure you all remember, Crimson Skies. Keep up the great work John!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Running Up That Hill

Once again I have found a great creations that has gone almost completely neglected. Running Up The Hill by marcosbessa is a truly great microscale creation. The trees are perfect and that small ship is just great! This creation manages to cram so much detail into to such a small space. Certainly a fav.


The 4th challenge just started over in the starfighters group on flickr and of all the entries so far, Cole Blaq's Star Piper SF08-15 is my favorite. The use of the technic wing pieces as a base creates a great seamless curve. The engines are also great. Kudos to you Cole. Oh and did I mention that the challenge is to create an overcompensating starfighter? Cole's fills that spot perfectly.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Great, Unknown Builders Are The Best

I absolutely love it when I come upon a great creation on flickr that has gone completely under appreciated with very few comments, and even fewer favs. So I feel that I should highlight some of those great creations from the last few weeks that have gone completely under everyone's radars.

marsPD_1 by agengyORANGE

VS-012 M:Tron Light Dropship by zwitl

OutroMundo: Tempestas Volatilis by lbaixinho

There you go, maybe that will get you some of the attention that you three deserve


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