Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Great, Unknown Builders Are The Best

I absolutely love it when I come upon a great creation on flickr that has gone completely under appreciated with very few comments, and even fewer favs. So I feel that I should highlight some of those great creations from the last few weeks that have gone completely under everyone's radars.

marsPD_1 by agengyORANGE

VS-012 M:Tron Light Dropship by zwitl

OutroMundo: Tempestas Volatilis by lbaixinho

There you go, maybe that will get you some of the attention that you three deserve


  1. Thank you for the highlight!
    Coincidentally also highlighted the marsPD on my blog:)

  2. garcias...

    x x o o x x o X o o o...

    redondofuentes -- agencyORANGE