Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Un-Sung Swooshableness

"Yellow Jacket" Model B-21, originally uploaded by Hase0.

Flickarian Hase0 has constructed an number of exquisite and shapely Starfighters, his most recent being the "Yellow Jacket" tactical craft (featured above). The curves and angles that he uses in his creations is quite interesting. Check out his stream for more swooshable beauties.

Venetian Assassination

pitrek02 has created this beautiful scene inspired from the hit game, Assassin's Creed 2. Here it displays the main character -Enzio- lunging from a beam onto his unsuspecting prey. The scene itself is chocked full of masterfully done details, such as a stained glass window, to an artfully crafted balcony, a guard patrolling the roof, and a boy playing with a small wooden boat in the river.

Assassin's Creed II (Venice), originally uploaded by pitrek02.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Cwoo Twuck"

Tromas has created this amazing Motocross Crew Truck (or as his boys say, "Cwoo Twuck"). This amazing Truck is just absolutely chocked full of detail, from the seemingly endless stickers, to storage compartments on the back, side, and underneath the netting up top. It also features a matching bike, and crew.

"Crew Truck", originally uploaded by Ŧromas.

Rare Styles

, originally uploaded by s_peteris.
This is a really cool car, built in a style we rarely see anymore. Our community seems to from on all studs showing creations and argue that they don't like them because that is how little kids build. Well this car by s_peteris does just that, and does it quite well. You should check out some of his other creations with the same style.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well that's new.

It looks like Brickshelf builder "Oyakata" is shaping up to be a pretty amazing mecha builder. Seeing as his folder just went public, it would seem that he is fairly new the Lego online community (his Brickshelf only has two models). But judging from his "Blaze" (above) and "Shadow" mecha, he definitely has talent. His style reminds me of izzo a little. Anyway, he is definitely a builder to watch.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


McDonalds, originally uploaded by cindrealig17.
Well I just stumbled upon this earlier today, a minifig scale McDonalds by cindrealig17. At fist glance it doesn't look like much, but then the interior is exceptionaly detailed, from stacks of burgers, to uniformed workers, to condiment dispensers. Check this out and welcome cindrealig17 to the Flickr scene!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I don't know about "meeting"....

Optimus V3 - 1, originally uploaded by red_4.

....but Flickr Builder Red_4's redition of the famous robotic protagonist Optimus Prime definitely catches the eye (bad pun :P).
At a first glance the model appears cluttered but upon closer inspection I found that Red packed a TON of detail into this thing to keep it true to the movie. Head over to his flickr set to check it all out.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mont St. Michel

torgugick has built this wonderful Lego version of Mont St. Michel -an island off the coast of northern France. This MOC is chocked full of beautiful detail, from the town at the base, the amazing detail on the cathedral, and some fantastic water and rock effects.

Mont St. Michel 4, originally uploaded by torgugick.

K-9 Walker

Master Shifu Leo J has created this quirky little robot dog-walker. Asides from the humor of this little retro MOC, it's also very well built.

pic00-K-9_walker, originally uploaded by Master Shifu Leo J.

Market Village

00 MMVD, originally uploaded by PigletCiamek.

Now I find this absolutely amazing. There are 0 comments and 0 favorites on this amazing diorama by PigletCiamek. There are so many details, from a town hall, to a witchs hut, to a forge, to a river, that I can't get it all in! You have to go check out his photostream for all the great details...Do it!

Spider 2.0

Spider 2.0, originally uploaded by 8er.....

While at first glance this may seem to be a very small creation it is in fact much larger than what first meets the eye. This micro 3-legged spider bot by 8er instantly caught my eye when it came up on my flickr homepage, and when I saw that he was a pretty unknown builder, I knew it was a must.

I'm Back

Well after a rather long absence from Lego and blogging, I am back to blogging. Though I may be in a dark age, I am still very interested in seeing what others build and what not. I just seem unable to build something myself. Well, off to find something to blog!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Serious Buisness

A tragic event has taken place in the Lego community. The popular Lego MOCist Nate “nnenn” Nielson has passed away. He definitely wasn't "un-sung" but I am sure everyone will agree that he was truly a hero of the community. Head over to Brothers-Brick to read Keith Goldman's excellent post commemorating the passing of this amazing builder. You will also find information on how FOLs are mobilizing to recognize him. Man, life is so short.....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yes. More Hardsuits.

I immediately loved this little Power Suit by Brickshelf user "drabadan". The suit fits a fig and cleverly utilizes a Bionicle mask and a hocky slammer face for the cockpit. There are several different variants as well as other suits in his Brickshelf. Check em' all out.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Littlehaulic's Tan House

Legohaulic has proven time, and time again his absolute, unrelenting supremacy on the fields of Lego, and his little sister -Littlehaulic- has burst onto the scene with a ferociousness only matched by her brother... Except she builds ladies with potty hats. (not exactly the same as Tyler's recent Mechanical Terror, but still fantastic)

Littlehaulic's house is absolutely chocked full of wonderful little details, from a beautifully decorative interior -which looks like something straight out of d-higdon's playbook- to a cute little "spoon gnome."

In short, Littlehaulic seems to have picked up on a LOT of her elder brother's big talent.

Tan House (Front), originally uploaded by Littlehaulic.

Life Inside a Planet Destroyer

Missiles. Arms. Treads. Greebs.

sqiddster's latest creation, the LLRU, is really great, including lots of wonderful detail while being fully remote controlled.

Also, this beast is massive, not only in brick but also in scale. See that micro Enforcer Battle platform in the corner? Here's the original minifig scale model by nnenn. Yeah.

And just look at that missile launcher. <3

Enigma of the Wingèd Scarabax

This absolutely stunning Technic MOC makes wonderful use of multiple strange pieces from the hull, to the wings. Its creator -the BCth- has artfully melded the color-scheme together, in a beautiful, breathtaking fashion. the BCth is proving to be one of the greatest Bionicle MOCers around.

Enigma of the Wingèd Scarabax, originally uploaded by the BCth.

Press "A" to view the post!

Brickshelf builder "shaddow" has put together this instantly recognizable rendition of the the famous protagonist from the "Sonic from the Hedgehog" video games. Building caricatures is hard. And the task isn't made any easier when Bionicle is the medium. A model this good definitely deserves recognition (it almost makes me like those new hands too).

First seen via The Bioniblog

Not One, But Two Epic Hardsuits!

shingate & mini suite, originally uploaded by blas-T.

Blas-T is an amazing Mecha builder, as you can see form this pic! The micro suit has a perfect combination of technic and system pieces. As for the Big Mech, I love the splashes of red, and the awesome shoulder area.

Flames of the Pacific

Flames of the Pacific
Originally uploaded by Darth Yoda
I love this scene by Darth Yoda. The colours are refreshingly new and give a really arid look to the landscape. But the superb landscaping and successfully mixing tiles, plates and jumpers makes this.

What year is this

Hey everybody, another new blogger here.

I go by KryptonHeidt online, but as you may have guessed, that's not my real name. I fancy myself a bit of a mystic, so you may continue calling that.

I consider myself a mecha builder, so expect me to blog quite a bit of that. Also, bonus points if you build anything in Primopoc.

I'm really glad to be a part of the USB (can we call it that?) team, and I look forward to giving lesser known builders the attention they deserve.

Brick on,

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Who let the Cat in?

Yo all,
I am yet another new post-contributor here at The Un-Sung Brick.

My name is Joe, but at flickr and BZP I go by "[Dablackcat]". I got into Lego modeling in the winter of 2008, and have primarily constructed my creations with Bionicle and Technic elements. As for blogging preference, I'm more of a mecha/sci-fi/dang-that's-a-really-nice-technique sort of guy. If it's cool and quality I'm blogging it.

I am very grateful that I have been given this unique chance to shine light on the talented (yet hidden) builders out there. You can bet I'll do my best to find you all.
Peace out,



I'm a new blogger here too.

My name's actually Linus, but most of you know me by my flickr name ("PonchoPenguin", "poncнopэngцιn", or "that annoying guy with that weird nickname").
I'm a real military and castle fan, so expect mostly those to be blogged by me, but I can appreciate any theme ;)

I've been a part of the online Lego community for almost two years now, and it's awesome. But sometimes great talent doesn't get the attention it deserves. So, I look forward to blogging the Un-Sung talents and helping the community!

- Linus a.k.a. PonchoPenguin

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hey Guys!

Hey, I'm a new Blogger for the Un-Sung Brick, so I thought I'd introduce myself. My name's Théo, but most people know me as Tito or Titolian, my screenname on Flickr. I really look forward to helping aspiring builders get the recognition they deserve in the Lego community, so get building! ;)

Über is the Word I'd use to Describe this...

-Stacker- is one of my favorite Hardsuit builders on Flickr, and this is, in my opinion, his best. The Über-suit proportions are absolutely perfect, and the fact that it fits a minifig is the icing on the awesome-cake. Some more awesome shots: 1 2

And in this case, the cake is not a lie :)

A Tennis Match... It's Down Right War!

-infomaniac- Posted this amazing, modular scene that is chocked full of amazing detail, and techniques. The most noticeable technique being the amazing chain-link fence, other details include the broken shop window, a wonderful brick-built gun, a Tennis Court, and a wounded soldier.