Monday, April 12, 2010

Littlehaulic's Tan House

Legohaulic has proven time, and time again his absolute, unrelenting supremacy on the fields of Lego, and his little sister -Littlehaulic- has burst onto the scene with a ferociousness only matched by her brother... Except she builds ladies with potty hats. (not exactly the same as Tyler's recent Mechanical Terror, but still fantastic)

Littlehaulic's house is absolutely chocked full of wonderful little details, from a beautifully decorative interior -which looks like something straight out of d-higdon's playbook- to a cute little "spoon gnome."

In short, Littlehaulic seems to have picked up on a LOT of her elder brother's big talent.

Tan House (Front), originally uploaded by Littlehaulic.

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