Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brickfair 2010: Fair Recap

Hey I am back with the last in USB's Brickfair 2010 posts. Unfortunately, there were so many excellent creations from new builders, I couldn't get them all! So, in parting, I will put down a few of favorites. But first here are some highlights from the fair.

- Nathan Shields, who we had spotlighted earlier for his floating rock house, won best SHIP with his Star of May.

- Karyn Traphagen's Modulex Green house got second in the miniature category.

- Ktorrek's model of the Normandy SR-1 from Mass Effect won best sci-fi creation.

- My Shinken Vic Viper won best small space craft. :)

- Some bridge thing, that has a bunch of tan cheese, came out.

Now here are a couple of would-have-been-blogged-if-had-more-time Favorites from the fair.

In closing here are some links to the many flickr photo galleries of the event (Originally compiled by Dan at Fascinating Lego Model of the Day). Including some video from Fox & CNN who also made it (camera work = major fail). Enjoy and be there next year!

Richard Schoonover's flickr photos
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Joe Meno's flickr photos
BrickJournal flickr set: Brickfair 2010 Preparation
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BrickJournal flickr set: Brickfair Set 2 (yes, two with the same title)
Official group pool
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notenoughbricks's flickr set
jchanes927's flickr set
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