Friday, May 28, 2010


Louis K. has constructed this fantastic rendition of the AT-RCT, an "Extended Universe" Imperial Walker. This beauty if chocked full of beautiful details -from the greebles on the legs, to the utterly fantastic shaping. This definitely is not your little brother's Star Wars toy, that's for sure.

AT-RCT, originally uploaded by Louis K..

Wunderwaffe - Cudowny wafel

Qworg's utterly amazing Walking Tank is a sight to behold. The shaping of this behemoth is superb, and the small details -such as the tubes on the leg joints, and the turret up top - add some extra "umph" to this monstrosity. Check out the Gallery for more photos.

Wunderwaffe - Cudowny wafel :P, originally uploaded by Qworg_.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Storm the trenches!

MOCpage user Milan CMadge's ama
zing scale replica of the WWII Era Thompson M1A1 (or "Tommy Gun") is a perfect mix between functionality and accuracy.

The model fires rubber bands from its 6-shot ammo clip up to 6 meters. It does this using a modified version of the semi-auto mechanism championed by Bohdan Tkachenko which Milan was able to fit nicely inside the housing. The gun also features other subject-accurate elements such as sight and the ability to be field striped (It is pretty precise as well). Check it out in action below!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Now THAT'S a Mech!

Lego Mech Suit (MOC), originally uploaded by Wami Delthorn.

An amazing aspiring builder on Flickr, Wami Delthorn has some amazing stuff on his photostream. This mech has some great shaping, and incorporates the bubble-dome canopy very smoothly. The arms have some great greebs, and the hands remind me of Peter Reid's classic hardsuit. He even made a sweet vignette to go along with this! Check out his stream for more awesome MOCs!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FE-171 Intruder

This astoundingly sleek yet beefy Starfighter, the FE-171 Intruder by Patrick Chambers, is absolutely wonderful. This beautifully crafted fighter echoes the creations of dasnewten, and particularly the feel of the G4 Harpy, which is a very good thing.

FE-171 Intruder, originally uploaded by Patrick Chambers.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spiky Awesomeness!

Bionicle 03, originally uploaded by Mαrth.

This is an amazing show of bionicle talent from an amazing builder. The ax is simple, but effective, and the bulkiness of the torso and legs really convey the brute strength this guy would have. The proportions are perfect, and helmet looks amazing. Bionicle never looked so good!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

El día del Murciélago

El Murcielago, originally uploaded by Frankus !.

This beautiful Vic Viper made by Flickr Builder Frankus ! definately merits recognition. The conept of a modern-day Vic Viper is very pleasing, and he executed it nicely. Check out the rest of his creations including his other Viper, "El Tiburon".