Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Polly want a technic beam? "

Greenwing Macaw, originally uploaded by uhank.

Flickr and Brick Inside user uhank has made an amazing Technic Scarlet Macaw. His usage of red fairings pleasingly smooths out the body and the head flows nicely into the rest of the model. It must have been a challenge to get a shape and color scheme so close to the real thing with Technic parts as the medium. Especially seeing as Lego hasn't made available many exotic colors in the Technic line, as Dan of FLMotD points out.
However uhank's talent doesn't stop at birds. The Bionicle builder has a number of other beautifully constructed creations ranging from core-story Bionicle remakes to the Dark Knight & Bumble Bee. Check them all out and more on his stream!

First seen via Fascinating LEGO® Model of the Day (thanks to notenoughbricks for the clever title)

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